In Ito & Yokoyama laboratory, we study the material group called"soft materials" such as polymers, liquid crystals, and biologicalmolecules. Especially, we are focusing on the ''slide-ring material''system having supramolecular-polymer-network structure, and on the block copolymer system.

About our laboratory

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Feb., 2020
Shuntaro Uenuma has been selected as a research grant by the Kumagai Science Foundation.
Feb., 2020
Kimika Endo was awarded the Distinguished Undergraduate's Thesis Award (Dept. Appl. Chem.)
Jan., 2020
Yusuke Yasuda received Poster Award at the 31st Polymer Gel Symposium.
Dec., 2019
Yusuke Yasuda received Best Oral Presentation Award at the 2nd GLowing Polymer Symposium in KANTO.
Nov., 2019
Shuntaro Uenuma received Poster Award at the 9th CSJ Chemistry Festa and the 28th Polymer Material Forum.
Sep., 2019
Shuntaro Uenuma has been selected as a research grant by the Cosmetology Research Foundation.
Sep., 2019
Shuntaro Uenuma received Presentation Award at the 36th Cyclodextrin Symposium.
Aug., 2019
The laboratory's work on slide-ring material was published in the Financial Times (Newspaper, FTWeekend Magazine, Web Edition, August 10 -11 2019) under the title of "Strings, rings and automobiles: Kohzo Ito’s revolutionary polymers".
Jun., 2019
Kengo Kasai received Poster Award at the 68th SPSJ Annual Meeting.
Jun., 2019
"Molecular Dynamics of Polyrotaxane in Solution Investigated by Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics Simulation: Sliding Motion of Rings on Polymer" by Yusuke Yasuda and Yuta Hidaka was published as Supplementary Cover Art in J. Am. Chem. Soc. in vol. 141. (link)
May., 2019
"Sliding Dynamics of Ring on Polymer in Rotaxane: A Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study" by Yusuke Yasuda was published in Macromolecules in vol. 52. (link)
May., 2019
"Formation of Isolated Pseudo-Polyrotaxane Nanosheet Consisting of α-Cyclodextrin and Poly(ethylene glycol)" by Shuntaro Uenuma was published in Macromolecules in vol. 52. (link)
Apr., 2019
Shuntaro Uenuma received CSJ Student Presentation Award 2019.
Apr., 2019
"Drastic Change of Mechanical Properties of Polyrotaxane Bulk: ABA–BAB Sequence Change Depending on Ring Position" by Shuntaro Uenuma is published as Supplementary Cover Artwork of ACS Macro Lett. in vol. 8. (link)
Apr., 2019
"Autonomously isolated pseudo-polyrotaxane nanosheets fabricated via hierarchically ordered supramolecular self-assembly" by Shuntaro Uenuma is published as Outside Back Cover Artwork of Chem. Commun. in vol. 55. (link)

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